Exotik Love

Today was the day of Love, the day of the year (hopefully not the only one) where we remember how lucky we are to have people that we love and that love us. In Spanish we have a saying "A nadie le falta Dios". The literal translation would be something like "nobody lacks of a God", what we mean by this is that it doesn't matter who you are, what you do or how unlucky you feel we all have someone who cares about us. We are not alone. It might be simplistic, but I wan't to believe it's true. If we don't have a romantic partner, or any family left in this world (ok maybe too dramatic), we have at least one friend who cares. Let's now dwell in the meaning of love for a bit, what is love really, what is the meaning, the real meaning of that word..just kidding! All this goes to say: raise your glass and drink (and eat) in the name of love. For the exotiks who celebrated Valentine's day with us: Thanks! and we hope you enjoyed the our gift and free drinks. Peace.

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