Bar Upstairs Grand Opening

It's so exciting my friends. One day the idea pops in somebody's head, then next day (or after a few months in this case) it's all happening. I would say about 70% of our first time customers asks with excitement: "what is upstairs?". The answer just brings disappointment to the friendly faces: "Just the washrooms". We know, the long wooden banister is so inviting, it was begging to be the introduction for something great. Well, dear friends, the time has come: we are happy to announce that there is a brand new bar upstairs. Yes, we got crazy and put all the walls down.

New drinks menu, exciting cocktails, the most pure Latin party vibe.The pre-opening was on Fair Day (18th of February) and it was a hit! Thanks everyone for coming and enjoying with us. If you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for???

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